Phase 1 Desk Studies

At Applebridge Geoenvironmental, we are committed to delivering high-quality Phase 1 Desk Studies services that provide you with a solid foundation for your land development projects.

Applebridge Building Services provide a full suite of construction services that are required for creating and building infrastructure or a facility.

Phase 1 Desk Studies are an essential component of the environmental assessment process. It involves a detailed review of existing information and data pertaining to a specific site or area of interest.

During this phase, our team of experts conducts a thorough investigation of historical records, maps, aerial photographs, geological surveys, and any available documents relevant to the site’s environmental history. The purpose of Phase 1 Desk Studies is to identify potential risks, contamination sources, and any other environmental concerns that may require further investigation.

This initial assessment helps us develop a comprehensive understanding of the site’s environmental conditions, enabling us to recommend appropriate actions for subsequent phases of assessment or remediation.

By conducting meticulous Phase 1 Desk Studies, we ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental aspects related to their project, helping them make informed decisions and investigating potential risks.

Phase 1 Desk Study Service Packages

> Data Collection and Review
> Site Historical Analysis
> Geological Mapping
> Environmental Constraints Assessment
> Regulatory Compliance Evaluation
> Risk Assessment
> Report Recommendations

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